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Jakarta — A City That Never Sleeps

Night view of National Monument, credit: Dicky Stefanus

Not only the capital city, Jakarta is a sprawling of metropolis, city of contrast; the traditional and the modern, the sacral and the worldly, the history and the present. Lies on 699.5 square kilometers of plain land with an average elevation of 8 meters, this city is situated on a relatively comfortable climate comprises wet season on October until March and dry season on April until September with temperature vary around nearly 33oC  and 25oC.  October in Jakarta is influenced by Tropical Wet climate. When you travel to Jakarta in October you can expect: commonly rain, as a rule thunderstorm, uncommonly fog and warm weather.

Where History, Sacral, Culture And Modern Meet

Not only modern life as seen with skyscrappers everywhere, you can also find the religious and culture collide in the city. The biggest mosque, church and also historical Buddhist temple located in the strategic location in the city. While the importance of culture is preserved in Setu Babakan Cultural Village. There are also landmarks and museums to complete the city splendor, make it easy to trace history of the city. You can find an extraordinary city view from 137 metre high of National Monument top or comfortably learn the history from legacies of the colonial era at the Old Town of Batavia or called as Kota Tua.

Shopping and Dining Extravaganza

Wether you are a serious spender or half-hearted shopper, there is sure to be something for everyone in Jakarta, the country’s shopping capital. Wide variety of things that you can buy from the best of local handicrafts to haute couture labels. Jakarta has literally hundreds of malls to browse, and flea market that offfer a huge range of good including antiques, arts, crafts,signature items, etc like in Jalan Surabaya flea market which first started operating in the 1970s. From street vendors to chic and elegant restaurants, Jakarta has everything. There are some famous places of the scrumptious street food scene like Pecenongan or Jalan sabang.

Metropolitan In The Middle of Exquisite Nature

Being bored with the city life, the thousand island (locally called Kepulauan Seribu) in northern Jakarta will be the best place to getaway. There are many islands to choose with amazingly gorgeous beaches, coves, and inlets. Move to the south confine of the city is Mount Gede Pangrango National Park in Bogor.

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Other Informations about the city:


The currency in Indonesia is Rupiah (USD 1 = Rp 14.500). All major credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. For taxi rides we recommend to bring Rupiahs in cash as not all taxis accept credit cards or USD.


The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian.  People worked at public services usually trained to communicate in english.


Service is almost always included in hotel and restaurant bills. A further tip of a few coins is appropriate (Restaurants 5 – 10%).


Shops and Department stores in Jakarta are usually open Everyday from 10:00 – 22:00. Several major credit cards are accepted.

City Transportation

As a capital city, Jakarta provides many public transportation options that connect almost all areas at affordable prices. Some are packed but using public transportation is more efficient than riding or driving your own vehicles. There are TransJakarta / Busway, KRL Commuter Line, Bus, Taxi, Ojek / Motorcycle Taxi, Shuttle bus, Angkot (minivan bus), Car-booking Apps such as Gojek and Grabcar.